Scott Thiessen
         Scott Thiessen is an up and coming pop/soul singer-songwriter/producer, making his mark on the Canadian music scene. Scott has had an eye for art since childhood, with interests in painting, music, and poetry. He’s always trying to create in any space.

         A graduate of Seneca College's Independent Songwriting and Performance program (2017) and Independent Music Production program (2018), Scott is currently writing and recording his debut album. Since graduating, Scott released a self produced EP entitled “Summertime Madness” (2018), featuring demos off of his forthcoming debut album, including his debut single “Lips Don’t Move” (2018), recorded with Juno Award winning producer Siegfried Meier. 

         While working on his new music, Scott has been spending time making a name for himself in Toronto by playing at open mics around the GTA, performing with Seneca College at The Painted Lady (2017), The Steamwhistle Roundhouse (2017/2018), and The Hideout (2018), as well as booking gigs with TDotsRecords at The Cameron House (2019), and RAW Artists Canada at The Mod Club (2019). Scott made his radio debut on East FM 102.7 on May 23rd, 2018, where he premiered and performed songs off of his EP “Summertime Madness”. 

         Scott has also been expanding his reach online by releasing cover videos and original content, racking in over 100,000 views and 4500 fans. His latest singles “Lips Don’t Move” (2018, Prod. Siegfried Meier) and “Fever Dreams” (2019, Prod. Jovan Jovanov)  have gained over 350,000 streams to date. Scott is constantly topping ReverbNation’s Toronto pop charts, and first held the #1 artist spot on ReverbNation’s Canada pop charts in January, 2019.  

"Attention to detail. The mark of a pro!" - Dr. Linda Morozuik.

         Scott’s songs are soulful, and his performances are powerful. A mix of soul, pop, and contemporary, with influences of Adele, Sam Smith, and Adam Levine, Scott's songs are unique and new while holding a familiar sound through his conversant writing and vocal stylings. Scott has been working with vocal coach and mentor Paula Griffith, and songwriter and mentor Linda Morozuik, since 2017 to define and perfect his sound.

         With the support of his friends, family, and fans, Scott plans to release his debut album in 2020, while putting out a few side projects before then, including a publication and podcast featuring the work of indie artists across Canada, set to release late 2019. Scott always has music on the brain, whether he’s penning a song for another artist, writing one of his own, or working out a way to get the songs he loves heard. He is running on ambition and passion, embracing the chaos as peace. Scott Thiessen is working to make a name for himself in the music industry, and he won’t stop until he gets there.

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