Scott Thiessen is an up and coming soul/pop singer-songwriter/producer, making his mark on the Canadian music scene. Scott's music has gained over 300,000 streams, and he has over 100,000 video views online. 
Graduated from Seneca College's Songwriting & Performance program(2017) and Independent Music Production program (2018), Scott is currently writing and recording his debut album.

"Attention to detail. The mark of a pro!" - Dr. Linda Morozuik.
Scott’s had an eye for art since a young age, with interests in painting, music, and poetry, he’s always trying to create in any space he exists in. 
Scott's songs are soulful, and his performances are powerful. A mix of Soul, Pop, & Contemporary, sounding similar to artists such as Adele, Sam Smith, and Adam Levine, Scott' s songs are unique and new while holding a familiar sound through his vocals. 

Scott Thiessen

Ⓒ2019  Scott Thiessen

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